Jing Yuan


Jing Yuan

Committee Member


JP of NSW, Executive Paralegal, Dispute Resolution & Mediation


袁菁女士是我们的律师专业人士。自1989 年以来,袁菁女士一直在新南威尔士州公平交易部担任消费者、房地产和建筑领域长达25 年的投诉调解工作。 

袁菁女士在房地产、物业管理、建筑合同法律方面具有专业的知识,她曾经为数百家客户在房地产、 建筑、 租赁和物业管理等方面的纠纷给予调解和帮助。她的工作可为客户带来立竿见影的效果,并以能够解决在此方面出现的复杂问题, 可提供最佳的解决方案。 

袁菁女士对澳大利亚消费者法 (ACL) 、公平交易1987 法律、建筑1989法律、住宅租赁 2010法则规定和物业管理1996法则规定等具有丰富的知识和经验,袁菁女士拥有物业管理执照,同时她还是一位太平绅士(JP)。   

在过去的 25 年里,袁菁女士不遗余力地为华人社区提供帮助,具有许多成功案例,从而树立了良好的形象和口碑。

Our exclusive team of solicitors and professionals is Jing Yuan. Jung Yuan worked as Mediation and Complaint Officer for NSW Fair Trading for over 25 years since 1989, Jing has full knowledge in business licensing such as Real Estate, Builders, Motor Dealer and Travel Agent, she assisted hundreds of Customers with Real Estate, Building, Tenants and Strata disputes. She achieved quick results for clients and became known for best resolution confidence and capable to resolve any complicated matters.

Jing has had experience with Australian Consumer Law (ACL), Fair Trading Act 1987, Home Building Act 1989, Residential Tenancies Act 2010 and Strata Schemes Management Act 1996. Jing has a Strata Managing Agents Licence and is a Justice of the Peace.

Jing also brings to the table over 20 years’ experiences in Para Legal work, she has knowledge with Residential and Commercial Business and Building Contracts, as well as Civil Common Laws. Jing has an excellent reputation in helping members of the Chinese Community for the past 25 years.


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