John Han


John Han

Vice President


Managing Director – FG Painting&Decorating Pty. Ltd.


FG Painting & Decorating Pty Ltd 成立于2002年,目前已发展成为悉尼油漆服务业的主要市场领导者之一,在我们的客户群及我们的员工中赢得了尊重与荣誉。公司服务于高层建筑及Project Homes的建筑开发商,我们的油漆队伍组成为:18位Painting License的Supervisors所带领的70位经过良好培训及多年实践经验的油漆师傅,他们通过了市场上主要Builder在质量、服务、安全等方面的严苛挑剔。公司中期目标是5年内挤入全澳前三甲。


Company Profile

FG Painting & Decorating Pty Ltd (“FG Painting”) is a leading painting service provide in Sydney Metro Area, focusing on mix-development building & intensive residential projects. Since it was founded in 2002, FG Painting has won superior reputation in construction industry by minimizing problem and risk to our qualified clients, employing more than 80 well trained painters.
The key benefits our clients have enjoyed are:
•    Complete confidence: FG Painting won this reputation by solving broad problem, providing “total solution”, not only competitive price, on time & budget, safety & highest quality, but also solving other trades’ problems, providing better painting package than our clients’
•    Peace of mind: In our internal organizational structure, there is a department protecting clients’ interest, any client who has been clarified as a qualified customer will be on priority to be allocated our resources.
•    Pleasant experience. Our highly customer-orientated supervisors /management team are always providing outstanding painting services, customizing solution for our key clients.

FG Painting is an open and honest painting contractor, we are always keeping close eyes on any issues before its arising, communicating widely and regularly. We take patience & time to understand the specific needs of our clients. Our key painting projects are from 30 units to 400 units in mixed-development, and from 30 townhouses to 300 houses in intensive residential.
FG Painting core strength lies with its people. We look after our management team, supervisors, qualified painters and our suppliers, who dedicated to delivering high quality projects on time and within budget, with a strong focus on safety and the environment.

FG Painting is a strong painting technical & finance secured contractor, we have been working hard for 12 years to establish our reputation, consistently enjoy over 80% repeat business.

FG Painting & Decorating Pty Ltd was founded in 2002 and has grown up into one of leading painting businesses in Sydney Metropolitan area, gaining a good reputation and respect among our customers and our staff. FG Painting & Decorating Pty Ltd is mainly involved in painting high-rise buildings and project homes. Our painter team consists of 18 supervisors with painting license who supervise more than 70 well trained and experienced painters. They are highly competent in quality, service and safety in the strict and fierce competitive painting market. FG Painting & Decorating Pty Ltd is targeting at becoming top 3 in Australian painting market within 5 years.

Bill Feng, managing director, has 15-year experience in painting service in Australia and has met almost all painting issues, which enable him to solve all concerns any new builders have. Bill Feng has gone through 2 years comprehensive training in running and operating business and 4 years Achievement training. He is far-sighted and good balancing business and life in a viewpoint of a long term and a panoramic.



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